Link: Tell HN: It is impossible to disable Google 2FA using backup codes | Hacker News

The solution (which is too late to help you with now) is to take a photo of the QR code that is first showed to you when you originally set up 2FA. Keep that safe somewhere and you can always go back. For anyone who is freaked out by this and currently still has access to their google Authenticator app, I suggest exporting all your codes to a big QR code in the app and keep that safe (maybe print it out).

Printing it out and putting it in some safe is what i did.

And works like a charm.

I mean, if it works for crypto wallets it might also work for 2FA…

This is why I use SMS as my second factor for my Google account. Much harder to lose. It could be vulnerable to sim swapping attacks, but I consider Google locking me out of my own account a more likely threat (and frankly I’m probably not a high-profile enough target for anyone to bother with that, and in any case they’d still need my password).