Link: Twenty Years of Blogging | Hacker News

Twenty Years of Blogging | Hacker News

Looking at my back number, the oldest entry was in Nov. 16, 2003. So my blogging also has lasted almost twenty years.

I vaguely remember I had an even older “blog” or web site, but that’s something I’d rather cancel, so let’s pretend it’s almost twenty-years old. It is still a long time.

While reading these old diaries, various feelings come back to my mind. It is love, it is an embarrassment, it is an excitement, it is boredom, it is despair… It feels a bit overwhelming every time these back number titles show up in front of me. I appreciate my younger self captured the moment I lived, on the Internet.

A Hacker News comment says:

The best time to start blogging was twenty years ago. The second best is today – having a personal blog is an investment that just keeps on compounding over time, even if you only post things there a few times a year.

I no longer consider blogging as an investment. To me, it becomes more about keeping the light on. It is like a tradition, like writing a holiday card, or like repairing an old car and driving it on July fourth.

My writing isn’t as interesting or as forthcoming as before, but still I don’t want to throw every present moment away into Ether, even if they are banal. I left little during the pandemic, and such an abandonment made me sad. I don’t want that again. So let’s keep the light on.