Escape Room

I had my first Escape Room experience with my teammates today. Although it is a popular team building activity in the workplace, I have dodged it for years. That’s what an introvert does.

It was fun. I was relieved.

The negative sentiment against the escape room grew in me after I had a “virtual” version during the pandemic. It was a painful experience, as many online meetings are. It felt like playing a single player puzzle game, with multiple people, over video call.

Today’s “real” escape room is different. It is designed to require multiple people to solve the puzzles by, say, having multiple buttons to be pushed at the same time. In such a physical design, you can contribute a little even if you are a lesser puzzle solver like me. And doing a physical activity together feels fun anyways.

What are good “virtual” team building activities then? There must be something, but I don’t know. I’m glad I live in an old world and don’t have to worry about that.

I have probably become like one of the old people in the 20th century who enjoyed the annual company trip to a shitty resort hotel. And I accept that datedness.