A Corner to Breathe

I haven’t taken a “real” break at work since I moved to the new office. The building of the new office is small and packed. It doesn’t give me either space or anonymity. The real break needs both – You need space where no one notices you, where you can take a breath and let your mind dress down.

Luckily, or by design (to the credit of the employer), there is always space. Many buildings have a few corners with sofas or stools. What’s missing is anonymity. So I walked to the building next to my new office, lurking around, and found this:

This is the perfect corner to have a break:

  • Nobody in my team will come here. Nothing fancy is around.
  • Nobody is stopping here. People tend to choose somewhere close to drinks and snacks. It’s on the other side of the building.

This place is too bland for the tastes of many, and that creates the anonymity I need. It has moderate foot traffic and therefore is not super silent, but that’s fine. I’m not asking much. Or I can keep searching for even more perfect corners if I desire. For now though, this will suffice.

When you move, you lose something subtle you don’t notice. You might need a checklist to pick it up again, and this is the first item of that list: Find a corner to breathe.