Link: Remote Workers Face a Lonely Wave of Layoffs – The New York Times

But management experts stress that businesses don’t have to navigate periods of economic turbulence so haphazardly.

Ms. Sucher noted that Nokia, when it was restructuring in 2011, gave the roughly 18,000 people who would be affected about a year of advance notice and offered them several pathways forward: The company would help them find new roles internally, get new jobs externally, start their own businesses or begin an educational program, among other options.

Nokia’s success metrics were whether people had a job lined up when they left the firm, and whether they were leaving with a positive enough impression that they would be open to returning in the future. Nearly two-thirds of people who left knew what their next steps would be.

Remote Workers Face a Lonely Wave of Layoffs – The New York Times

This sounds very European. Although I hope my employer and the peer companies did this, they are too American to behave like this.

According to Wikipedia, Nokia is kind of fine after they sold the mobile division to Microsoft.